About Me

I can remember, as a young boy in the 1980’s, and 90’s, spending my summer vacations galavanting across the country with my parents in their 20′ class C motorhome, chasing down cousins, both dead and alive. I remember going into dusty old courthouses and libraries, sitting down at a micro-film, or a micro-fiche reader, and my mom distributing scraps of paper to my dad and me, with the names of the ancestors who we were looking for, and the record names and numbers that we would be looking in, scrawled on them. I also remember driving out into the hills of West Texas, pulling over at a wide spot in the road to read a Historical Marker, and discovering that right behind this clump of trees lies a cemetery which is all that remains of Waresville, TX. A town my ancestors lived and died in. My mom was writing a descendancy book beginning with my 2nd great-grandparents (GGP’s), Noble Thomas GREEN, and Lily Dale THOMPSON. For all of my efforts, my mom graciously granted me a “by” line beneath hers, right on the cover of the book! Although, I only helped with the researching, and documenting the sources; my mom did all of the writing.

Noble Thomas, and Lily Dale (THOMPSON) GREEN

Raymond Leone, and Harriet Frances (WEEKS) RANDALL

I’ll start with a list of surnames to be covered. Back to my 10th great-grandparents (10th GGP’s), at first. Beginning next Sunday, and then followed by posts at ADHD intervals. 😁