Thoroughly Discouraged/!

As you know from my previous postings I have been purging my “family” tree for a few months now; what I have discovered is that there were SO MANY errors (e.g., duplicates connected to the wrong families) that I decided to remove everyone from “across the pond” and start over, UUUGH! As a result of this draining of the swamp, I don’t have anyone in my tree beyond my 10th great-grandparents (GGPs). My family tree now contains fewer than 2300 people/! For those of you who are wondering about my occasional use of a forward slash (/) in conjunction with an exclamation point, I use it to indicate a half-exclamation… a statement that lacks the anger, passion, surprise, or vitriol of a full exclamation. Back to my tree, I have begun a thorough sweep of the more recent (speaking chronologically) ornaments in my family tree to discover if any further purges are necessary. Thank you for listening to my rant/!