My Paternal Grandparents

Ira Gideon GREEN was born on 19 Oct 1881 in Utopia, Bandera, Texas, USA. He married Helen Mar RANDALL on 7 Jan 1917 (age 36). They had their daughter on 24 Mar 1919, and their son, and last child, on 7 Sep 1920 at nearly 39 years of age. For most of Ira’s married life he was in the construction trade, with a short stint as a rail-car builder (1918-1919). Politically, Ira was “left-leaning” for most of his adult life, being a part of the Democratic party, the Democratic Socialist party, the Socialist party, and the Communist party—not necessarily in that order.

Helen Mar RANDALL, however, proved to be a moderating influence politically (more on that later).

As a teenager on the 1900 census, Helen’s occupation was listed as “Servant”. While Ira was listed as a “Farm Laborer”.


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