Long Hiatus

I am back to tackle the long and arduous journey through my family history! A lot has happened in the past few years, none of which is a good enough reason for abandoning this blog. The simple truth is, I am afraid of rejection, and failure.

All I can promise is, I will do my best to overcome my fears.


Hello, Everyone! My name is Tom Green, and I am The Amateur Genealogist. I am not only an amateur genealogist, I am also an amateur blogger. Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey through 5,000+ names. In this blog, I will be sharing what I have along with what documentation I have; if you have corroborating, or conflicting, documentation, please leave a link in the comments section along with the name, and dates of the person to whom it pertains. I would love to look at it myself to evaluate its contents for possible inclusion in my tree.